Monday - Taco's 

Beef Or Chicken on a Soft or a Hard Taco for $2.00!!
Yummy Salsa and Sour cream are included!!!

Tuesday - Burger Night

Come join us on the $5 Burger night and spending good time with your friends right here with us. 

Girls' Night Out

Tuesday - Ladies Night

All the ladies come join us on the ladies night and enjoy $5 Martinis. Spending good time with your girls right here with us. 

Wednesday - Steak

Come tease your tummy on Steak Wednesday with us!!

Thursday - Game Night

Come enjoy cold beers, $0.55 wings, watching your favorite team play and snacking on $3.00 spring rolls!!!

 Saturday - Karaoke 

Come Sing and be yourself with us!!! Sing what you love and enjoy $3.00 courageous shot!!!! Let have FUN!!